ContentoWassum Academy AB has had the pleasure of collaborating with many companies over the years, and below is a snapshot of some of those projects. From education to finance, scroll down to learn about some of our case studies.


Lärarförbundet: Uppdrag ombud

Workplace representatives, consisting of 12,000 agents and 9,000 safety representatives, are an important target group for the Teachers’ Union (Lärarförbundet). To support them in their assignments, Lärarförbundet needed relevant, up-to-date training and materials that are easily accessible, reach all agents and create engagement in the workplace. Contento Wassum Academy became Lärarförbundet’s partner in the quest to find a solution.

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ÅKU 2018

ÅKU is aimed at Sweden’s license holders in banking and finance. This is one of ContentoWassum Academy AB’s most popular courses and is an award-winning production. The collaboration between ÅKU and ContentoWassum Academy AB started seven years ago, and since then, we have won or been nominated at the Swedish Learning Awards every year for this production.

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Teknikcollege: Supervisor Training

In 2015, Teknikcollege and Contento Wassum Academy introduced a national industry-specific supervisor training of high industrial relevance, with the aim of giving all supervisors at Teknikcollege the same basic conditions as well as strengthening the work with supervisorship. The solution was unique and highly appreciated and was aimed at those who supervise students from a Teknikcollege Certified education.

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Skolverket: Validation in Theory and Practice – An Introduction

Validation is a process aiming to value and acknowledge what people have learned – no matter where, when or how this learning has taken place. It can be a powerful and resourceful tool for utilizing skills and helping people out into the labour market faster. In the spring of 2017, ContentoWassum Academy collaborated with the National Agency for Education (Skolverket) to develop a basic training on validation.

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Mortgage license

Imagine a varied target group of over 12,000 mortgage advisors who suddenly need to meet SwedSec's new training requirements. And imagine that the requirements describe three extensive and complex subjects where there are no established courses and course literature. Then you have the prerequisites for one of our biggest challenges yet.

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In September 2016, ContentoWassum Academy AB started a training project with Swedbank to update their advisors on new licensing information at record speed with an aim of the majority of participants passing a final test on the first attempt. We started with roughly 160 telephone advisory calls and many staff consultations regarding licensing requirements to ensure the content was 100% accurate.

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SFM and InsureEd

Svenska Försäkringsförmedlares Förening (SFM) gave us the task of building and operating InsureEd: their learning portal for all members.

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Contento welcomes our new project manager Henrik Ax to the team!

We are proud of our extended cooperation with SFM (Svenska Försäkringsförmedlares Förening). Together we are now developing several comprehensive training packages within both life and non-life insurance.

Now we offer a complement to our e-education Bolånelicensen, which is based on SwedSec's knowledge requirements for mortgage loan officers.

ÅKU 2019 is an efficient training that provides maximum learning in a limited time.

15 November, 2018

New Website Coming Soon…

Our team is working together to refresh the Contento brand so it visually represents where we are today as a digital company, and here’s what you can expect.

7 November, 2018

What We’re Up To This Fall

Here's a small summary of what we're doing right now

In January 2019, Contento Wassum Academy och Learnify AB will merge.

3 October, 2018

Updated SwedSec Training

In October, we launch an updated version of our SwedSec training courses!