About Us

Who are we?

ContentoWassum Academy AB is a leading learning agency in banking, finance and insurance in the Nordic region with more than 19 years of experience.

We also work on international projects in multiple languages and are active in other business areas such as producing several award-winning trainings for the Swedish Agency for Education.

As a leader in our industry, we create and develop optimal e-training solutions for businesses so their employees can keep up-to-date with ever-changing laws and regulations that affect daily operations.

And because no company is the same, we choose the right mix of online and teacher-led training to create smart and flexible training programs that provide customers and employees with the latest knowledge to stay ahead in their industry.

What are the advantages of eLearning?

– It can speed up employee training saving you time.
– It can save your business money so you can budget funds elsewhere.
– It can maximise knowledge retention resulting in more clued-up employees.
– And it can increase productivity.

In addition, we offer industry-wide training courses in banking, finance and insurance: our standard trainings consist of 20 titles in areas such as family law, money laundering and pension savings. Click here to see a full list of our latest available trainings.

Award-Winning Methods

Our e-training is recognised for its high quality and professionalism. As well as receiving fantastic reviews, ContentoWassum Academy AB has won many awards both in Sweden and internationally making us a lead player in our industry.

Our Team

The ContentoWassum Academy AB team are the core of our award-winning company. Today we have more than 30 experienced employees and a total of 10 full-time specialist subcontractors who work together on creating effective trainings that help people and businesses grow.

Understanding customer and company challenges are crucial to us, and we work in-house to provide fast, high quality trainings that make a difference in banking, finance, insurance and education.


ContentoWassum Academy AB is owned by Wassum Investment Network AB and Grimaldi Industri AB. The Wassum Group is based on analysis of asset management and pensions and serves as a partner for banks, insurance companies and pension institutions in the Nordic market.

Grimaldi Industri AB is a family-owned group owned and operated by Salvatore Grimaldi. The group includes Cycleurope with brands such as Crescent, Bianchi and Monark, but also industrial companies such as Karlsson Spools, 3nine and Plockmatic International.

For more information about the courses we offer or if you’d like to speak to someone about how we can help you develop a course for your company, please email info@contentowassum.se

Contento welcomes our new project manager Henrik Ax to the team!

We are proud of our extended cooperation with SFM (Svenska Försäkringsförmedlares Förening). Together we are now developing several comprehensive training packages within both life and non-life insurance.

Now we offer a complement to our e-education Bolånelicensen, which is based on SwedSec's knowledge requirements for mortgage loan officers.

ÅKU 2019 is an efficient training that provides maximum learning in a limited time.

15 November, 2018

New Website Coming Soon…

Our team is working together to refresh the Contento brand so it visually represents where we are today as a digital company, and here’s what you can expect.

7 November, 2018

What We’re Up To This Fall

Here's a small summary of what we're doing right now

In January 2019, Contento Wassum Academy och Learnify AB will merge.

3 October, 2018

Updated SwedSec Training

In October, we launch an updated version of our SwedSec training courses!