The Flipped Classroom – Flip or Flop?


The flipped classroom is a strategy and a type of blended learning that reverses the traditional learning environment of online learning in the classroom to that of the home. Participants or students then do more traditional written homework in the classroom with a teacher who can provide one-to-one guidance. The flipped classroom is also known as the inverse classroom.

How does it work? Well, a teacher could prepare some content for a student to review in the form of a video, podcast or text on a blog followed by a particular question to reflect upon for the next classroom lesson. The students can then review the material as many times as they need before the next lesson. This means that the lesson can be devoted to in-depth analysis, individual adaptation and feedback. Studies have shown that the method can lead to significant improvements in student results.

The flipped classroom also means more responsibility of the student, so he or she needs to actively participate in the teaching. It also means that the teacher can make the best use of classroom and web-based activities for the students.

However, there are still a few things to recognise about the flipped classroom. The benefits are, among other things, that the students have the opportunity to learn at their own pace, they have constant access to content and have more time for in-depth discussion in the classroom. Flipped classroom advocates claim that this method has the potential to even engage students in other areas than just the subject that is flipped; students are present and aware of their own knowledge acquisition through a constructivist learning model.

Opponents of the flipped classroom argue that students’ possible lack of internet connection or computer at home becomes a difficulty and that the model only involves the transfer of bad lectures in the classroom to the web. It would also mean time-out for students at home if all subjects were flipped because they would not see any movies in all subjects.

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