Discover all of our industry-wide training courses in banking, finance, insurance plus much more.

Our venue is located in the Sturegallerian in central Stockholm. Find us in the mall by taking the 9th floor at elevator 4C near Gateau. All our course days are from 9:00-16:30 and lunch is served at the Grand Escalier in Sturegallerian.


ÅKU 2018

The ÅKU 2018 contains no less than 16 burning topics and is for people who work as an advisor, specialist, in management and control or with mortgage loans. Click here to read more and sign up today.


Insurance knowledge

This training is entirely web-based and focuses on interactive learning that includes animated and filmed sections with exercises and simulations. During the training, you will get a review of the purpose of insurance and what the Swedish insurance system looks.


Insurance Knowledge – blended learning

This course is made up of two parts. In the first part, teaching takes place through e-learning where subject matter foundations and understanding are laid. In the second part, consisting of a teacher-led day, there is a deepening and extension of knowledge from the three e-learning modules "Insurance", "Risk Insurance" and "Savings Insurance".


GDPR – Undergraduate

GDPR replaces the Personal Data Act (PUL). But what are the differences and how does it affect the work? Our training will help you understand what GDPR is all about and what you need to do. The new law comes into force on May 25, 2018, and requires most employees to update their skills.


GDPR – In-depth training

GDPR replaces the Personal Data Act (PUL). But what are the differences and how does it affect the work? Our training will help you understand what GDPR is all about and what you need to do. The new law comes into force on May 25, 2018, and requires most employees to update their skills.


Investment advice

The training is entirely online and is based on interactive learning through educational animated and filmed sections with exercises and simulations. During the course, you will learn, among other things, what needs analysis, information and documentation, and good counselling.


Custom training

In addition to our standard range, we offer customised training based on your needs. Perhaps you want to complete or adapt the courses we already offer, or train within something else?



ContentoWassum Academy's training program Diplomatic Life Insurance Broker gives the participants a wide range of skills and meets the special requirements of life insurance intermediaries under the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority's regulations, chapter 2, section 7, FFFS 2007: 23.


InsureSec – Knowledge update 2018

The training is aimed at those who have already completed the basic test and need the annual knowledge update. The training takes place at a distance and consists of 15 modules containing filmed lectures varied with exercises. In addition, two e-courses are included.


InsureSec – Life insurance mediation 2018

This is a distance training based largely on self-study in the form of e-training and film lectures. It includes a teacher-led day and a webinar giving you the opportunity to ask questions and repeat the areas you want to focus on before the exam

Våra lärare och ämnesexperter


Anders Wallace has trained employees in the banking and finance industry in financial economics at ContentoWassum Academy since 2012. He is also active in Beta Research, a company that conducts portfolio and investment analysis, as well as Opti, which offers independent digital investment advice. Prior to that, Anders worked at Wassum for five years as a financial analyst with a focus on interest rates. Anders has a bachelor of economics from Lund University focusing on finance and is one of approximately 100 people in Sweden who is a licensed Chartered Financial Analyst®.


Paller Svärd has 15 years of experience in the financial and insurance industries, partly as an entrepreneur with his own securities movement and as a trainer. He has studied economics at the Lubin School of Business, Pace University, New York, and has solid experience in counselling vis-à-vis private individuals in private banking as well as companies and institutions. Today he holds SwedSec and Life Diploma courses in his specialist areas where the participants have found a very high degree of implementation, with an approved exam.


Marie Wessel works as a lawyer at Lindskog Malmströms Advokatbyrå focusing on family law and insurance law and deals with daily practical issues regarding insurance and family law. Marie has experience in the insurance industry having worked as a senior lawyer at Danica Fondförsäkring and an insurance lawyer at Robur Försäkring. For about 15 years, Marie has been teaching in the finance industry.


Kerstin Strand previously worked for the insurance company Trygg-Hansa as a partner in insurance brokerage. She has also been a vice president of an employers' organisation and has served as a pension consultant. Kerstin has more than 30 years of experience in pensions and insurance. In recent years, Kerstin had her own company Engagera Support AB, whose business concept is "strengthening the client's knowledge and insight into pension choices and pension agreements and personal insurance”. Today she works as a senior consultant at KPA Pension.


Mattias Appelberg is an assistant professor at Stockholm University. He has a experience as a trainer and is currently responsible for the legal department's tax education for economics students.


Carl-William Åström has extensive training experience in accounting and finance related issues at university level. His experience also includes the same subject area for professionals in the banking, insurance and real estate industry as well as for practicing lawyers. He is employed at KTH and also teaches at Juridicum SU.


Björn Dannberg is our subject expert in occupational pensions. He has previous experience working as a labour lawyer and during the last 25 years, he has worked with occupational retirement issues. He has also partly worked with collectively agreed insurance for private employees at the then SPP, with municipal pensions as an employee at KPA, and with other occupational pensions at Skandia. Nowadays, he runs his own business and writes textbooks such as Occupational Pensions - A Guide for Advisers which we published and also use in our teaching.


Sara Björkman is senior manager and is responsible for Compliance Services Bank at Zeb Nordics. She is an experienced compliance manager with more than 15 years of relevant experience from various positions in the finance industry. Sara is a lawyer from Stockholm University. She also has experience in managing the compliance function for regulated companies, handling license applications, training and working with boards in financial companies and implementing new regulations. Before Sarah started at Zeb Nordics, she was, among other things, head of the banking unit at Finansinspektionen and before that was head of the corporate credit and law department of a major international credit card company.


Alice Hammarroth is a lawyer and works as a manager at Zeb Nordics. Alice has several years of experience in both compliance and corporate law and state categories. Alice mostly works with securities and credit market companies. She is used to being responsible for the compliance function in regulated companies, holding courses, and implementing new regulations and board evaluations.

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